Frequent Questions

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1. Can I buy PlusBus online?

Yes, PlusBus day tickets can be purchased at the same time as train tickets online from most rail ticket retailing websites.

PlusBus season tickets can only be renewed online from the Train Company websites listed below. You will need your Photocard serial number to hand.

C2CChiltern Railways, Great Western Railway, Great Northern railScotRailSouthernSoutheastern, Thameslink or TransPennine Express 


How will I get my tickets?

When you buy train and PlusBus tickets online, you will be asked to choose how you want to obtain your tickets.  The options are:- 

Collect from a self-service ticket machine at the station (for free). If you choose this option and want bus travel to start your journey, then you will have to collect your tickets on a previous occassion.

By post - please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.

Courier - next day delivery is usually available (for a small additional charge);

Collect at the station ticket office.

To start your journey with a bus or tram trip to the station, you must choose to obtain your tickets in advance of the day of travel (by post, courier, or pick-up from a station on a previous occasion).

You must show the actual PlusBus ticket to the bus driver (or tram conductor) to travel. We're sorry, an online booking confirmation will not be accepted for travel.

2. I have already bought my train ticket, can I still buy PlusBus for my journey?

Yes, if you take your valid train ticket to any National Rail station ticket office, ask for PlusBus for either the origin and/or destination town of your rail journey. You will be asked to pay the relevant PlusBus ticket price. This only applies to the purchase of PlusBus day tickets (not season tickets).

3. Can I buy PlusBus on the train from a conductor?

Train companies prefer customers to buy their tickets before getting on a train (where this is possible), from a ticket office, a self-service ticket machine or in advance by 'phone or online. If you are unable to buy your ticket before boarding the train, then you can buy your train ticket and your PlusBus ticket from the Conductor or Train Manager on the train (but some Railcard discounts may not be available).

4. Can I buy PlusBus on the bus?

Sorry, no. You must buy PlusBus before you wish to use the bus, as it has to be bought in conjunction with a valid train ticket. Bus drivers are not able to issue PlusBus tickets.

5. Do I get a discount off PlusBus with my Railcard?

Yes, with a valid National Railcard you will get 1/3 off the adult price of a PlusBus day ticket (Railcard discounts are not available with any season ticket, as the price of seasons is already heavily discounted).

Railcards which offer the discount:-


Please check the Railcard use restrictions.

6. What is included in the price of PlusBus ?

The PlusBus ticket price includes unlimited local bus and tram travel around the whole urban area of a rail-served town, on services of participating operators'. It does not include the cost of your train travel. However, PlusBus must be bought in conjunction with a valid train ticket.

In some towns, certain premium services (e.g. Airport express routes, Night buses and sporting event services) do not accept PlusBus tickets. These are listed as "excluded services" on each town-specific page of this website.

7. Is it possible to buy season tickets for PlusBus ?

Yes, but you must buy (or already have) a season ticket for train travel as well. You can only buy a PlusBus season ticket for the towns that are named on your rail season ticket as the origin or final destination oif your train journey (not any intermediate town). 

PlusBus season tickets are now available for nearly all PlusBus served towns and cities across Britain. Each PlusBus served town or city in Britain has its own page on this website. PlusBusseason ticket prices are shown (where available) on the town-specific pages of this website.

Season tickets are available for specific periods only: 7 days (consecutive); a month; quarter year and annual.

The validity of your PlusBus season ticket does not have to match your rail season ticket validity, but your PlusBus ticket MUST expire either on the same date as your rail season ticket, or on a date before your rail season ticket expires.

8. Can I use a PlusBus ticket on days that I don't travel by train?

If you have a PlusBus day ticket, sorry no. You can only travel by bus on the date printed on the ticket, which will also be the day that you travel by train.

If you have a PlusBus season ticket, then yes, you can travel by bus on any day, at any time, until midnight on the date that the ticket expires (printed on the season ticket). You do not need to make a train journey in order to use your PlusBus season ticket to travel by bus.

9. Can I use PlusBus to travel on trams?

Yes, the tram networks listed below do accept PlusBus tickets for travel on their services:-


We're sorry, the following tram systems do not accept PlusBus tickets:-

Croydon TramLink; Glasgow Subway; Manchester MetroLink; Tyne&Wear Metro.


10. Can I use my PlusBus ticket more than once in a day?

Yes, a valid PlusBus ticket gives you unlimited bus travel on all bus and tram services of participating operators' in each rail-served town for the day or period that your ticket covers. So you can make as many bus journeys as you like, anywhere within the PlusBus zone.

PlusBus tickets are valid for bus travel from first service until mid-night. If your start a journey before mid-night then you may complete that bus ride.

11. Can I use PlusBus if I only want to travel by bus?

Sorry, no. PlusBus is an integrated ticket that has to be bought and used with a train ticket. So you must be travelling by both the train and bus in order to buy and use PlusBus .

12. Can I use PlusBus if my train journey is between two stations that are within the same town (or city region)?

Sorry, no. At least one station (either the origin staion or the destination station) of your train journey must be located outside an individual towns PlusBus travel zone or city-wide region (such as: Greater Manchester; South Yorkshire; West Midlands; West Yorkshire).

For example:

If you are travelling by train from Dewsbury station to Sheffield station and want bus travel in Sheffield, then you can buy PlusBus ticket. This is because Dewsbury is in West Yorkshire and Sheffield is in South Yorkshire. However, you cannot buy and use a PlusBus ticket if your train journey is between two local stations that are within the Sheffield PlusBus travel zone (e.g. Sheffield and Meadowhall), or between two stations within West Yorkshire (e.g. Barnsley and Dewsbury).

13. Does PlusBus operate its own buses?

No, PlusBus is not a bus operator.

PlusBus is a National Rail ticket that is accepted for travel on the services of over 200 bus companies that have agreed to participate in our ticketing scheme. The names of participating bus operators are listed on the town-specific pages of this website.

14. Are refunds available for PlusBus tickets?

PlusBus is a National Rail ticket, whose standard terms and conditions apply (including for ticket refunds). If you have bought a PlusBus ticket in advance from a station (or online) and do not want to use it, then you may claim a refund from the ticket office (or ticket retailer) that took original payment, but you must do this within 28 days of the travel date shown on the ticket. You must also return the ticket. Some ticket offices (and agents) may charge an administration fee of up to ¬£10 to process refunds.

PlusBus tickets bought online may not be refundable from some online agents.

If you have a PlusBus season ticket and have used it for a while, but then want a refund of the outstanding period, you can claim a refund from the issuing ticket office. In this case normal National Rail season ticket refund terms and conditions apply.

16. Where can I check bus route and timetable information?

Visit traveline or call: 0871 200 22 33. Calls cost 12p/minute, plus your 'phone companies access charge.


For information about a specific bus operators' services, try these main bus company websites:

You could also check our list of bus operators by town and region.


For Northern Ireland visit: translink

17. Can I buy PlusBus from a self-service ticketing machine?

Yes. You can buy PlusBus day tickets at self-service ticketing machines at stations managed by the following train companies:-

Greater Anglia, Great Western Railway, East Midlands Trains, South Western Railway, Southern, Southeastern and Virgin Trains.

Self-service ticket machines at main stations managed by Virgin Trains East Coast and First TransPennine Express also sell PlusBus.

To see how to serve yourself with a PlusBusday ticket, click here.

18. How can I contact PlusBus ?

Please complete the 'Contact Us' form (below the list of Questions) with as much detail about your enquiry as possible (specific dates, times, exact locations, name of bus operator/train operator etc). 

Emails are only answered Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm.

If your enquiry is about public transport routes and times, please visit: 

19. Does my rail station origin / destination have to link with my PlusBus ?

You can only buy a PlusBus ticket for a location that is named as either the origin and / or the destination on your train ticket. So, in order to buy a Birmingham PlusBus ticket, you have to have Birmingham named on your train ticket (as either an origin and / or the destination station).