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You get 1/3 off bus & tram travel with US

Got a '16-25 Railcard' or the new '26-30 Railcard'? As well as 1/3 off many rail fares, you also get 1/3 off the price of PlusBus day tickets. Simply show your '16-25' or '26-30' Railcard to the clerk when buying your train ticket at the station. When you buy online, make sure you tick the '16-25 Railcard' discount button when you enter your journey details.

The table below shows a sample of PlusBus day ticket prices (with the Railcard discount applied):-

Town you pay:
Aberdeen £2.25
Bath £2.65
Birmingham £2.25
Brighton £2.45
Bristol £2.65
Cambridge £2.50
Cardiff £2.30
Chester £1.65
Derby £2.30
Durham £2.10
Edinburgh £2.50
Exeter £1.85
Falmouth £1.65
Glasgow £2.50
Hatfield £2.00
Leeds £2
Leicester £2.30
Liverpool £2.60
Loughborough £2.25
Manchester £2.60
Newcastle £2.60
Norwich £2.20
Nottingham £3.30
Oxford £2.65
Plymouth £2.40
Reading £2.25
Sheffield £2.65
Southampton £1.55
Swansea £2.00
Worcester £2.30
York £2.30

For PlusBus day ticket prices for other towns go to: fares & maps

For PlusBus information

Next time you're heading home for the weekend, back to uni after holidays or away to visit your mates. Ask for PlusBus at the station ticket office when buying train tickets with your '16-25 Railcard' or click the '16-25 Railcard' box when buying tickets online).


Hop-on & off buses as often as you like!

A PlusBus day ticket gives you unlimited bus and tram travel all day (until mid-night) around the whole urban area of town, on participating operators services.

Use it to go shopping (for that killer outfit), then pop round to your mates house for supper. Use it again to go out to your favourite bar and finally to get home at the end of the evening. Awesome!