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Issuing a PlusBus ticket is easy

PlusBus can be issued with all “advance”& “walk-up” train fares, as follows:-

Single rail ticket = issue a PlusBus Day (PBD) ticket for each origin &/or destination town the customer requires bus travel for;

Day Return rail ticket = issue a PlusBus Day (PBD) ticket for origin &/or destination town;

Period Return rail ticket = issue two PlusBus Day (PBD) tickets for origin &/or destination town, one for the outward date and a second for the return date. If the return date is not known, you can only issue a PlusBus Day ticket for the customers outward journey date.

Season ticket = issue the relevant period PlusBus season ticket. Most, but not all towns have PlusBus season tickets.

Season are available for set periods only: 7-days, Month; Quarter and Annual. See the ticket codes & descriptions (below).

You will need to use the same Photocard number on the PlusBus season ticket as used on the rail season ticket.

Period of validity: Ticket type: Ticket description:
1 day  PBD PlusBus Day
7-day season PB7 PlusBus 7-day
Month season PBM

PlusBus Month

Quarter season PBQ PlusBus Quarter
Annual season PBA PlusBus Annual

Issue the rail ticket(s) for the train journey as usual, then issue a separate PlusBus ticket (as an "add-on"), using the appropriate ticket type code (see list above).

  1. enter ‘origin’ station – the place the passenger wants PlusBus or;
  2. enter ‘destination’ station (use the same name as entered for ‘origin station’) & scroll through ticket options for ‘Station Name+BUS’  (or enter the NLC code for the PlusBus destination - example: 'H109').  

Example: a customer going from Derby to Bath, wanting PlusBus in Bath: 

  1. issue the train ticket(s) as normal: From: "DERBY" To: "BATH"
  2. issue a separate "add-on" PlusBus Day ticket (ticket type code: 'PBD'): From: "BATH" To: "BATH+BUS" (NLC: H109)

To check PlusBus ticket prices, participating bus operators and to view zone maps click here.

Railcard discounts (1/3 off the adult price) are available for PlusBus day tickets with the following types of National Railcard: 16-25 & 26-30 Railcard; Disabled Persons Railcard; Family & Friends Railcard; HM Forces Railcard; Network Railcard; Senior Railcard; Annual Gold Card. Weekday peak period issue and use restrictions apply tp PlusBus (the minimum fare requirement does NOT apply to PlusBus). For restriction details: click here.

Rail industry staff with "PRIV PASS" can buy PlusBus tickets, but have to pay the normal adult fare (there is no staff discount).Ticket print:

The origin or destination station name always prints: "STATION NAME+BUS" (example: “BATH+BUS”).

The ‘Ticket type’ says: "PlusBus Day" (& "PlusBus Day" is also printed in the orange band across the top of the coupon). Only one orange coupon is issued.


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