about PlusBus


We're all after an easier life. Travelling to or from the train station doesn't have to be hassle - driving in traffic, trying to find a parking space or paying through the nose for a taxi. Simply buy a PlusBus ticket with your train ticket and you're sorted. We give you unlimited bus and tram travel on most/all operators services, around the whole urban area of your rail-served town or city.



Buy PlusBus to start your journey or to complete your journey. We've no peak period restrictions, so you can hop-on and off buses and trams as much as you like all day to make the journeys you need. PlusBus is accepted for travel on over 200 bus companies across Britain and on trams in Birmingham, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield and Wolverhampton.



Buy PlusBus with your train ticket at any National Rail station ticket office or online (from train company websites and most other online rail ticket retailers). See how to buy for details. You choose how and when you get your tickets - by post, courier or at a station. We're also available from self-service ticket machines at selected stations.



PlusBus fares start from just £2.50 a day.  We're usually cheaper than buying a bus pass from the main bus company in town. For PlusBus fares for your town or city, simply type the town name (or post code) in the search boxes (at top of page).

Under 16 years old? You pay half our adult PlusBus day ticket prices.

Aged 16-25 years or a student? You get 1/3 off our PlusBus day ticket prices, with a 16-17 Saver or a 16-25 Railcard.

Adults: You get 1/3 off our PlusBus day ticket prices, with one of these Railcards:-

  • 26-30 Railcard
  • Disabled Persons Railcard
  • Family & Friends Railcard
  • HM Forces Railcard
  • Network Railcard 
  • Senior Railcard
  • Two Together Railcard
  • Annual Gold Card

Railcard peak-time purchase restrictions apply, but minimum fares do not apply to PlusBus


seasons for commuters

We've season tickets for 7-days, a month, three months and a year (to match your rail season validity). 



PlusBus tickets are standard National Rail credit-card size or paper tickets (see images below). +Bus will always be printed after the town name that the ticket is valid for. For example: 'Reading+Bus'. Show the ticket to the bus driver or tram conductor.



90% customer satisfaction

Research by watch-dog 'Transport Focus' found that 90% of our users were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their PlusBus ticket. Horray!


small print

Sorry, you cannot buy a PlusBus ticket if you're only making a short train journey between two stations that are located within the same towns PlusBus travel zone, or wholly within these city-wide regions: Greater Manchester; South Yorkshire; West Midlands; West Yorkshire. These city-regions have their own integrated train and bus ticketing schemes - click on the region name for details. Sorry, PlusBus ticketing is not available for London.

other multi-operator ticketing schemes

For details of other multi-operator integrated tickeing schemes around Britain.

page updated: 17/03/2021. Prices on this website valid until 15/05/2021, subject to possible revision thereafter.