Changes to the leadership of PlusBus 

After almost 15 years at the helm of Journey Solutions, Jonathan Radley is stepping down as the Commercial Director of the partnership. He commented: "I've really enjoyed the role and am proud of the way we've developed PlusBus ticketing over the years. We now have 280 PlusBus locations nation-wide, have developed the product with national marketing campaigns, online retailing and have seen transactions rise to around one million a year." 


Speaking for the bus industry, Martin Dean Chairman of the Confederation of Passenger Transport and a Journey Solutions Board member said: "We can all be very grateful for the job Jonathan has done: not only has he led to revenue of around £5.5million per annum for participaing operators but PlusBus has given customers a convenient and great value integrated bus and rail ticketing product. The important role PlusBus plays in integrating public transport across Britain has been recognised in the Governments recently published National Bus Strategy."


From 1 April 2021, PlusBus ticketing will be managed by the team at Traveline, headed by their Chief Executive Julie Williams. 


Issued: 22/03/2021

Better with Bus

Buses are a vital part of our country’s infrastructure. 60% of all public transport journeys are by bus. Buses ensure people get to work, school or college and connect people with family or friends.

They also have an important role in helping to fight climate change and improving air quality. By getting more people to choose the bus we can take cars off our roads and reduce congestion and carbon dioxide emissions.

Our strategy sets out how we can get one billion more bus journeys by 2030. The industry is ready to buy only ultra-low or zero emission buses from 2025, to offer discounted ticketing for apprentices and job seekers and to introduce price capped daily and weekly ticketing in urban areas. We need government to play its part by supporting the industry make the transition to new technologies, maintaining existing funding streams and requiring local authorities to introduce targets for reductions in bus journey times.

The creation of a National Bus Strategy would help ensure greater coordination of bus policy across government and help deliver long term funding, rather than the piecemeal approach we have now.

Please support our campaign and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #betterwithbus.

Read the full report at: moving forward together

issued: 10/09/2019

Benfleet PlusBus on Smart

Train Operator c2c, are now able to offer fulfillment of Benfleet PlusBus week tickets to existing c2c Smartcards. PlusBus products must be bought from a self-service ticket vending machine at any c2c station. Please note: The ticket machines on First Essex buses can read and accept the Benfleet PlusBus product on a c2c smartcard. Unfortunatley, NIBS buses are currently not able to accept Benfleet PlusBus products on smartcard.

Issued: 09/02/2019

26-30 Railcard holders get one-third off PlusBus

The Journey Solutions partnership (the group that manages PlusBus ticketing) have confirmed that holders of the new 26-30 Railcard will get one-third off the adult price of all PlusBus day tickets. The new 26-30 Railcard is due to be rolled-out across Britain by all Train Operating Companies in January 2019.

Issued: 17/12/2018  

PlusBus goes Smart in Scotland.

ScotRail has partnered with Stagecoach bus to bring smart integrated ticketing to nine Scottish towns and cities by offering PlusBus tickets on their Smartcard. The two firms have worked together to ensure that PlusBus tickets can now be stored on ScotRail Smartcards. The initiative is a step towards further integrated and digital transport. Smart PlusBus day, week, month and three month tickets are currently available in areas where Stagecoach is the main bus operator. This includes Ayr, Dumfries, Dundee, Dunfermline, Elgin, Inverness, Kilmarnock, Kirkcaldy and Perth. PlusBus stored on ScotRail smartcards are also available for Aberdeen (where Stagecoach and First are the main bus operators).


ScotRail customers that have a ScotRail smartcard can buy PlusBus with their train tickets at any self-service ticket machine located at a ScotRail station. Once on the bus they simply need to pass their ScotRail Smartcard over the reader on the ticket machine, so that it can validit their PlusBus product.


Smartcard fulfilment is expected to be available for more cities across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling, in future. 

Issued: 20/08/19


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